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Name : Mongolian-Art Antique Cabinet, Original Flower Paint.
Scale : Length 236 x Depth 46 x Height 90 (cm.)
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Name : Mongolian Art Antique Cabinet. Original Chest Modified. Painted with blessing flower. Easy to use with shelves included inside. Background Color changed from red to blue.
Scale : 181W x 45D x 87H (cm.)
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Name : Mongolian-Art Antique Long Cabinet in Dark Red. ORIGINAL CONDITION. Picture partly available due to the old-time fading.
Scale : 220W x 47 D x 84H (cm.)
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Name : Gunsu-Art Original Antique Cabinet with Original Paint.
Scale : 215W x 51D x 98H (cm.)
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Name : Gunsu-Art Antique Cabinet with Natural Scenary painting. Suitable For home office and condo decoration.
Scale : 183W x 45D x 88H (cm.)
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